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I designed so many wedding stationery and marketing newspapers in am I supposed to pick favourites!

2022 was a bit of a weird year...who's with me?

Weddings were in full swing and small businesses came out of the shelter to kickstart their biz babies, but after a few years that were like something from a Hollywood blockbuster, we were all meant to be back to normal and acting like it never happened, but after speaking to lots of creatives, 2022 was the hardest year of all!

I stepped away from a lot of things to ride out how I was feeling and just allowed myself to be, which meant taking a break from stuff like social media. It helped calm my mind and body, but the down side was that I didn't share much of the amazing work I did.

I worked with so many couples and businesses over the year and did some of my favourite ever designs. The people I worked with and for challenged me to create so many different styles and do things I'd never thought of before. I learnt so much and added lots of new designs to my collection.

Creating bespoke newspaper designs is literally my dream job, every design is different, creative, unique and full of personality. Whether it's wedding invitations, Order of service/order of the day, thank yous or for marketing, my heart is always full of love!

I've somehow managed to creative a faves list of the designs I worked on in 2022, but jeez, it was really difficult, it seems to get harder every year. they are all so different in style, colour and mood...I hope you love them as much as I do.

I don't want to wish the days away, but I'm already excited for the list of 2023 faves!!!

Hip hop, gig poster themed wedding at Mount Edgcumbe House, order of service wedding stationery newspaper

hip hop gig poster themed wedding order of service newspaper

Bex and Blake really wanted something alternative for their wedding newspaper design, they were after a non traditional style that represented them and what they love...mostly hip hop and the Beatles.

After being postponed a couple of times, their wedding at seemed like the perfect excuse to poke fun at themselves by including a Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts quiz for their guests to fill in on the day. It was also really important to them to include why they chose Mount Edgcumbe House as their venue and to remember loved ones who are no longer around.

I loved the gig poster pasted on a wall idea and added graffiti to it to match the colour scheme.

Colourful and retro wedding at Ashbarton House, wedding stationery, photo thank you newspaper

Colourful and retro wedding photo thank you newspaper

I've known Hannah and Ben for a few years now, they're wedding industry friends, who create awesome wedding photos and videos as Steel and Oak [go check them out later].

When it came to planning their own wedding at Ashbarton Estate, they had so many fab ideas and knew exactly what they wanted to do to create a next level colourful day which looked so much fun.

I was so happy to create a newspaper for them to share their fave photos [by Simon and Kiana Photography] with a thank you message to give to friends and family. It's a great way of remembering the day you shared and something people love to keep as a keepsake...and way better than a boring card!


Creative and offbeat monochrome marketing newspaper designed for anna ti creates photography

When Anna [of Anna Ti Creates Photography] asked me to create a newspaper for her photography business, she wasn't really sure what she wanted, but she knew it wasn't really like any of my previous designs. So I sent her off with some phrases to search and get lost in on Pinterest.

I'm so glad I did, because she came back armed with lots of offbeat styles including non linear photos, curved writing, random graffiti style overlaid text and lots of quirky ideas.

This design stands out as really different from any other marketing newspaper I've designed and I'm really here for it!


Pink and red disco themed wedding order of service newspaper

When bride Emily came to me, she described her wedding plans as a red and pink disco with lots of fun elements.

She was getting married at Asylum Chapel in south London and then heading to the pub, so she wanted to tell people what the days events were by handing out newspapers before the ceremony, but also included their readings and a timeline of her love story with Nick. This meant that their guests could relax and enjoy themselves, but also keep the newspaper as a keepsake.

The design was bright and colourful with lots of layers of red, pink and orange with confetti, dots, light flashes, vinyl records and of course mirror balls.


rock 'n' roll magazine cover wedding order of service newspaper design

When bride Evey came to me to help create something for her Burghley House wedding with future husband Phil, she sent me some images of magazine covers that she wanted to replicate in the design. I was instantly excited!

The couple are both in bands, have been together for a long time and don't take things too seriously, so they wanted something that was totally them.

They included lots of guest information with funny wording and photos of themselves through the years, but also honoured Evey's dad and Filipino heritage.

I love this design so much, it makes me smile every time I see it.


Colourful, retro 90's Memphis wedding stationery newspaper

This design is a mash up of colour and random shapes, it was exciting to create, not least because bride Chrissie basically said do what you want!

I did force her to give me some inspiration and a colour palette, she was so relaxed about the whole thing, but after describing her and Jordan's plans at Kinkell Byre, I knew it needed to be full of colour and fun to prepare the guests for the party of the year.

We included details like the order of day, menu, details of the VIPs in the wedding party, a photo page with lots of golden oldies and an epic full page crossword.

It was a bit scary to be trusted so much, but they loved it...phew!


1920's art deco wedding celebration newspaper

I've been designing wedding stationery since 2013, but sometimes I get asked to do something I would never thought of and that is the best thing about doing only bespoke designs.

When bride Lisa-Marie asked me if I could do an escape room style newspaper, I couldn't get me head around it. But what we did was hide lots of clues in the first 3 pages amongst the days details and then an explanation with clues on the back page with a QR code to a website for guests to answer questions and where to find the prize if their answers were right...genius!

Alex and Lisa-Marie were actually already married, but with lots of overseas family and a pandemic, this was their opportunity to finally celebrate in art deco style at No 131.


New York elopement photo newspaper

When I got the photos for this design I was floored. I was waiting excitedly for the images to come through, but OMG I never expected this!

Saff and Sam had delayed their elopement several times due to the pandemic and were having a party to celebrate at The Standard Hotel in London, so wanted some photo newspapers to share their day with everyone.

The photos [taken by Samm Blake] meant the design was very much a case of less is more. We used the font from the party invites and a total 8 photos and nothing else for the whole thing. It's very simplistic, but absolutely stunning!


modern texture and earth tones wedding stationery newspaper

I designed this newspaper for a styled shoot for Amy Woodham Photography It was my first non UK shoot, which was an elopement style in Amsterdam.

Don't get me wrong, I love working with couples and small business clients, but shoots really let me get creative!

With this newspaper design, I really wanted to play with paint textures and shape but with a really modern look and feel. I love the earthy colours with a pop of mustard.

I feel like it's simple without losing any impact. I also love the gold leaf effect, it finishes it off perfectly.


Kitsch pink and red wedding stationery newspaper

I was speaking to Tara Knott one day about a mutual client and their wedding plans and she asked me if I wanted to be involved in a shoot, talk about right place, right time, because OMG this was so epic!

Not only is red and pink one of my fave colour combos, but the photos I got back from Jenny Appleton literally blew my mind and were some of the best photos of my newspapers that I've ever received.

The design itself is very fun and retro with layered paint strokes and on the back it says "Shut up and kiss me". It fitted so well with the rest of the props and I'm so happy that I took part.


Fun tabloid marketing newspaper designed for viola jay photography

Make me a newspaper but make it fun! That's what Viola from Viola Jay Photography asked me to do...I mean I'm massively paraphrasing, but in a nutshell that's what she asked for.

She sent me loads of screen shots and images of newspaper designs she liked and some ideas of things she'd like to include. We kept the brand colouring with monochrome which matches the tone of Viola's images gorgeously.

The newspaper is full of hints, tips and FAQs for her lovely couples, with funny headings and captions throughout. The back page is full of puzzles including a crossword. I can't take credit for the name though, The Waffle was all Viola's idea!


Art deco inspired, botanical green and gold wedding order of service newspaper

When I spoke to Samantha early on to design this newspaper, she said their decor plans were simply to let the venue do the talking. She was marrying Ben at Town Hall Hotel in East London which is full of Art Deco and Edwardian features...oh and we needed to include gold pineapples! They had lots of green foliage and a neon pink sign planned too, so we incorporated that too.

As the couple had met on Eharmony, they wanted to include that as the newspaper name and also reference their table plan which were replica train tickets to explain the reasoning behind the table names. Inside we included lots of details about the day itself, family messages, information about the Irish tradition of ring warming, a crossword and then and now photos.


Modern pink and lime wedding day newspaper

When I first spoke to Nicki and Sam about their design, they said they liked simple and clean lines and didn't want a complicated or 'busy' design. The colour palette was also very simple with different pinks and greens.

For their wedding at Haarlem Mill, they had an 8 page design, giving us lots of room to create something that looked simple, but was actually packed full of stuff to represent them and their personalities. We also added information to tell guests about the day, as well as some fun stuff about their VIP friends and family.

They added kids puzzles, their ceremony readings and a Spotify playlist full of songs they knew their guests would love!


autumn orange and teal geode on the day wedding stationery newspaper

Who doesn't love a bit of sparkle! Rea and Brad were getting married at Wharfedale Grange with what Rea described as an autumn them in terms of deep jewel tones of blue, teal and orange. She also told me that they had geode slates with names on for the place settings, so that very much set the tone for this design. I think people think glitter wouldn't work printed on a newspaper, but this creation proves that even when it's a not real glitter, you can still have the effect when it's printed flat.

The information inside was mostly plans for the day, so a timeline, menu and seating plan, as well as a little homage to their children and a full age for the wedding VIP's [Bride tribe, Groomsmen and parents] on the back page.


modern tabloid style wedding newspaper

This newspaper style...well newspaper[!] is such a modern take on the traditional style and it worked perfectly for Vicki and Elliot. We used their engagement/pre-wedding photos by the incredible Naomi Barker to give it an authentic feel, but also show off these never seen before photos of the couple and their son.

The venue was High House so we incorporated that in the newspaper name. The rest of the pages were full of photos from their years together, illustrated by a timeline and a description of their lives before and since they met. For the guests we included a crossword and some fun photos to take on the day.


Colourful flower and seaside themed wedding order of the day newspaper

During my face to face call with Abby and Patryk, Abby described their plans as "An explosion of colour". That was something I could totally get on board with, I love working with colour in my designs.

The couple met and live in London, but were getting married at St George's Hotel in Llandudno where Abby is from. They'd sent save the dates on postcards so we decided to include it. Patryk is from Poland so we included Polish translations of most of the text for his family who didn't speak English. Amongst vital info about the whole weekend, there were lots of fun facts about their wedding planning, their full love story, a crossword and 22 flags of the world representing where all their guests were from.


modern photo thank you newspaper

The bride Carrie is actually a friend of a friend that I've known for years. We met a few times so this was extra special, especially as it was gifted to her by my friend.

The spectacular location was GG's Yard and the photos were taken by the equally epic Neil Thomas Douglas. Thank you newspaper designs are so dependent on the photos themselves, that is so true of this newspaper, I fell in love with all the photos so much. I didn't need to do much to make the design gorgeous, except choose which photos to use!

We included 8 pages full of photos from getting ready, to the ceremony, to the reception and dancefloor, as well as lyrics to the first dance song.


modern mustard, burnt orange and pink wedding program newspaper

For their wedding aisle, Lisa and Andy had a backdrop with the shapes that we used on the front page and carried them throughout the newspaper. The colours were a calming and modern blend of pink, mustard and burnt orange, complimented with modern but simple fonts. The couple wanted to tell their guests the days plans at the Blue Piano in a fun way and thought a bespoke newspaper was perfect.

The design included the order of events, menu, a thank you, their story with photos from every year of their relationship, a link to a Spotify playlist that they were playing on the day, a crossword and a full page of photos of themselves and their life together...before they were married.


Retro 1960's wedding newspaper design

"Make me a newspaper, but make it 1960's" is what bride Sam said when I spoke to her. I'm paraphrasing of course, but that's exactly what she wanted for her wedding to Matt at The Bell in Ticehurst.

We kept the design black and white for an authentic feel and had fun by adding lots of funny classifieds and adverts relating to the things they are known for, like bad time keeping. We also used 1960s style fonts and styling that was very popular at the time to give it a truly nostalgic feel. One of the best things was a full page of lyrics for a sing-a-long during the ceremony which I thought was such a fun idea to get everyone involved in proceedings.


There were a load of newspapers that didn't make the list, but I'll be sharing them on Instagram, so make sure you're following me @photopressuk


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