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Since I started Photo Press in 2017, I've been conscious on my impact on the environment, so I'm always looking at ways I can be as eco-friendly as possible in everything I create, produce and send as well as working with suppliers who share these values.

my newspapers are printed on FSC certified responsibly sourced paper and printed using Inkjet ink which is better for the environment as it uses water soluble pigments. As well as that, my printers are committed to working with carbon smart with an aim to achieving environmental accreditation.

I design my newspapers to include as much information as possible so you don't need lots of other bits of paper and fill them with personality in the hope that they don't get thrown in the bin.

all of my cards and art prints are printed on 100% recycled and uncoated stock and made from 100% de-inked post consumer waste which is FSC certified.

My packaging [including boxes, wrapping, envelopes and tape] are all made containing recycled materials and are 100% recyclable including the cello which is compostable. I also do not use any plastic.

As well as this, I'm conscious of the impact of delivery as well as my own travel and that ultimately, everything I create comes from trees initially. So I have committed to planting trees with Ecologi. I've pledged to plant 25 trees per Newspaper booking, 25 trees per 10 art prints sold, Plant 25 trees per 100 cards sold and to Offset carbon for my own mileage.

Basically, I'm trying my best to be carbon neutral and maybe even carbon positive with my actions and I'm always looking at ways to improve too. If you have any ideas on where I could improve, do drop me a message or an email. I love this planet and I want it to be here for us to enjoy for as long as possible!

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