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I don't know about you, but I like to celebrate my love and marriage every day...I'm all for date nights and small acts of random love on a regular basis.

But once a year...Valentines Day comes along and people start to panic and think that they have to have all these big romantic AF just isn't the case! Celebrating love should be about creating moments and connections between you...not the commercialised circus!

I've compiled a list of ideas which will help you spend quality time together or do something special. They don't break the bank, are a bit more creative and are less cliche than your average list...and better still you can do them any day of the year!

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Never have I ever

There's nothing more fun than doing something new and sharing it with someone you love. Even if it's something you've done before, it can still bring lots of smiles and laughter when you truly let yourself go.

Some ideas for experiences are Ice Skating, a Spa day, Wine tasting, Go Karting, a tandem bike ride and Bowling.


For me, getting away from the humdrum of every day life and experiencing new places, sights and cultures is when I feel most alive and free. Sharing this with someone is incredibly powerful as you create memories and have proper space and time to make deep connections.

Book a hotel/city break or splash out on a holiday if you're looking for something big or a camping trip can be inexpensive and lots of fun. There's nothing like waking up in a field and experiencing the outdoors.

My funny Valentine

Those that laugh together, stay together!

I hand on heart believe that laughing is one of the biggest keys to a successful and my husband laugh together all the time...we have so many in jokes and LOL moments...I think it really matters.

So head to a local comedy gig or look out for big names coming to your area and book the tickets for a surprise present or date night.

I'm sweet on you

Who doesn't love cake...all those happy sugar induced hormones rushing round your body! So use this to your advantage. Make your loved one a cake or if you want to do something together, try a Chocolate making class.

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Lost in Love

If you've been together a while, you can often forget about what it was like without each other and get too comfortable.

So what better way to get that 'spark' back than to revisit where you had your first date or an equally special place from the early days. The memories will make you feel those new relationship butterflies and emotions and realise the journey you've been on together.

Other ideas to get lost in are to create that first date experience, get dressed up and go somewhere on a proper date as you would have in the beginning, plan a surprise road trip (blind fold optional) to somewhere where you can enjoy some time together, pick wild flowers in a field, tour an unexplored place and get brunch or take a long walk in the country or on a beach.

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Let's Dance

Dancing with someone can be incredibly sensual and arousing, being up close and personal...depending on the style of dance it can be like being with the forbidden fruit.

Taking dance classes together could become a new hobby. If club nights are more your style, this works too. Whatever kind of thing your in to, there is a dance for you...let your hair down and throw your inhibitions out the window.

A heart full of memories

Gestures don't have to be big, sometimes it's the small simple things that mean the most. The more thoughtful and personal the better.

Personalised ideas include leaving love notes around the house, in packed lunches, boxes etc creating little surprises randomly, create a treasure hunt to you or a gift at the end, a vision board of the things you want to achieve in your future, a scrapbook full of photos, mementos, and tickets etc of things you've done, a photo book of your favourite memories or a video of things you've done together.

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A Love Story

Of course Netfix and pizza can do the trick, but it's nice to do something a little bit different such as read each other a book, taking a chapter each, head to the cinema and snuggle in the back row, watch a film in the park with a picnic and blanket...don't forget the popcorn or a themed dinner and movie night.

Watch love grow

Sure red roses stand as a symbol of love, but what about a plant that you can watch grow over time. Pick out a favourite plant and get a nice pot so that you can keep it in pride of place as a constant reminder. I love a cactus (and I can keep them alive...I'm not very green fingered)!

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Eat your heart out

Creating a culinary masterpiece in the kitchen might be something you love to do, so why not create a recipe featuring your favourite foods and give it a meaningful name. To make it more special, cook it as a surprise with candles (some cliches are nice once in a while). If you're no good in the kitchen, why not create and cook something together or take a cookery class.

Have I told you lately

There's a lot to be said for being grateful for your partner and expressing it. I challenge anyone not to love a bit of unexpected romance via a love letter. You could write '100 things I love about you' on lolly sticks, write a love story featuring you both as the main characters or pen a poem and put it in a frame.

I owe you

Life gets crazy hectic and we often forget to acknowledge each other so how about IOU vouchers for things you can gift to be redeemed when needed, like a massage, bubble bath or cooked dinner. You could up the stakes and get actual vouchers for places if you think your other half needs a bit of TLC, like a pedicure, facial etc.

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Music is the food of Love

I'm a massive fan of music...going to a gig or music festival with my husband is one of the best things ever. No matter what kind of music you're into, there'll be something you can lose yourself to at the 100s of venues around the country. I'm also a fan of a playlist to remind you of dates, significant times or even your first dance. If you're a bit more creative musically then you could write, sing or play a song for them (or all of them if you're really clever)!

So there you have guide of things to do to spend quality time with your chosen person and love your life together.


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