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I've been designing bespoke wedding stationery full of personality since 2016 and I've helped lots of couples put a bit of themselves onto every newspaper page, so I know a thing or two about making your invitations, order of service and thank yous stand out!

I've compiled a list of the most common and best ways to make your wedding stationery say a lot more about you and less likely to be thrown in the bin!

Oasis Wonderwall wedding stationery idea

It's all about you

Most wedding stationery says very little about you apart from your names, that feels wrong to me because the whole point of it is to show off one of the most personalised days of your life, so why not add more about you. The best way to do this is by telling stories about how you met or your proposal. Everyone has their own unique story and it's a lovely thing to share with people.

Audience participation

Whatever stationery you're wanting to add personality to, guests love getting involved so why not add a personalised crossword or quiz with questions about yourselves and wedding party. I do crosswords in at least half of the newspapers I design and they are a huge hit, especially for an order of service because they can act as an ice breaker too.

Rainbow watercolour wedding timeline and menu inspiration

things you love

Whatever you're into, you can add elements of interests, hobbies, etc, whether it's images incorporated into the design or wording you can really have fun. Think about all the things that you love as individuals and as a couple and think about what images you could include or use quotes or readings from tv shows, films etc. There are so many options that you can work with. Another good way is to take something recognisable like a logo and create something similar with your initials or names and make it your own.

Include the family

If you already have children or pets, your wedding is a big day for them to so it's only right for them to be included too. You can use photos and messages to create something fun. You can also add information about you wedding party and a little bit about who they are or funny facts.

Just engaged

Adding photos is the best way of showing you and your love off, photos can say so much more than words. Add a timeline of your love story through photos and dates or include your favourite images from your pre-wedding/engagement shoot.

Engagement photo ideas

say thank you

People make a huge effort to go to weddings and can travel and spend a lot of money for your day, so writing a personalised message to acknowledge this is a really lovely way of letting people know how much you appreciate it.

What's in a name

Create a hashtag for your guests to use on social media, whether you're changing your name[s], combining names or keeping the name[s] you already have, you can create a unique hashtag, especially good if you base it on a pun and make it memorable.

Wedding Crossword inspiration

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