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Whether you're planning a small intimate wedding or a big full on day with everyone you know, When it comes to wedding planning, the more knowledge you can arm yourself with the better!

This is where the experts come in. Getting tips and advice from suppliers who do this as a job week in, week out is literally like gold dust! They know all the things you need to be able to make your dreams a reality.

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Podcasts are a bit marmite, but a good one can really help you feel in good company, like chewing the fat with a good friend over a chilled bottle.⁠ Wedding planning podcasts are no different, they offer loads of tips and advice from people who really know their stuff and can help you overcome issues or simply point you in the right direction.⁠

I've pulled together some of the best wedding planning podcasts out there, full of tips, advice, inspiration, ideas and trends. If you have a wedding planner or are planning more of a DIY wedding, there are so many options for you to dip in and listen to depending what you need help with.

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These are my top 7 for your listening pleasure:⁠

1. bridechilla [425 eps] - There is nothing that Aleisha has not covered in her podcast with many guests plus Q + As, it really is a one stop shop to all things wedding planning.⁠

2. the wedding people podcast [67 eps] - Rianna + Rebecca have a shit ton of tips + advice as well as questions to ask yourself and suppliers. If you're feeling overwhelmed, they will help you figure it out 100%.⁠

3. the stars inside [28 eps] - Valentina is one of the loveliest people in this industry. Her podcast is honest and open with lots of insider knowledge and stories helping couples create their dream day.⁠

4. the you and me podcast [60 eps] - Laura and Andie help you through wedding overwhelm with lots of helpful tips and insider knowledge from their collective years of experience in the industry.⁠

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5. Hitched [12 eps] - This is a 10 week crash course [or binge listen in a day] of all the things to consider and think about when you first get engaged. It's also hosted by Bridechilla wedding planning guru Aleisha McCormack [see above] whose no n

onsense chat will help you work out how to get started with wedding planning.

6. rock my wedding [42 eps] - Brought to you by charlotte + becky from the rock my wedding blog. they have over 10 years experience in the wedding biz so their chat is full of top tips, planning advice, inspiration and ideas for couples who need a bit of help.

7. put a ring on it [111 eps] - This podcast is full of interviews, tips and practical advice for anyone trying to navigate the modern world of weddings. Presented by Daniel and Dannielle, they share insider knowledge to help couples plan a wedding that they want.

Get your podcasts wherever you usually do [I use the Castbox app].⁠

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