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MY FAVE WEDDING STATIONERY DESIGNS OF 2021 it's 2022 did that happen?

it's about this time of year that I look back on the previous year and all the wedding stationery I created to pick out my favourites and as I sit here looking at my 2021 folder, it's full of so many epic designs!

2021 saw the return of weddings, so it was brilliant to be working with couples who actually had their wedding dreams come true. Over the year I worked on 200+ newspaper pages full of personality, including invitations, Order of service/order of the day and thank yous, as well as a couple of marketing ones for some amazing wedding suppliers.

Creating bespoke wedding newspaper designs is something I love because every one is different, creative, unique and full of personality. I honestly am so excited for the plans and designs ahead in 2022,

But first, let's raise a glass to the class of 2021


1. Theatre themed guest book wedding newspaper

I often get couples come to me asking if I can do 'x'...and the answer is always yes!

Bride Zadie came to me and asked if I could create a guest book for her wedding. The venue was a theatre and a total surprise to all her guests [even their parents] so she really wanted to play with a theatre review styled newspaper, with headlines and starred reviews and blank spaces for the guests to fill in.

It was something I'd never done before, but gave me loads of scope to have fun and play around with funny titles and of course linking it to the theatre theme while including the couple's personalities.

2. Sage green and foliage themed Bristol Wedding order of service Newspaper

When Sarah and Ste booked me, I was so excited as they live a few miles away, the novelty of hand delivering was not lost. I usually work with couples all over the country and post newspapers to them, this time I could see them in real life and not just on a screen.

The couple planned to marry outside at Folly Farm and had lots of foliage in their flowers, so we went with pale green colouring, with a hint of summer and lots of foliage elements. The design was really personalised by having a timeline of their relationship, a family tree of wedding photos, a Spotify playlist, a crossword and their pre-wedding photos.

3. Modern pastels and shapes London Wedding + Order of Service Newspaper

I've worked with Tichea at @carmelaweddings before, she's one of my fave people in the industry and her styling is such a feast for the eyes. She asked me to be involved in a shoot and open day at the Goldsmiths Centre in London, how could I say no!

The theme was colourful and modern with a fun twist. I used a range of elements and shapes to make the menus and Killers lyrics come to life.

4. Carousel/Fairground/Festival themed wedding Thank You Newspaper

Bride Lara came to me with the brief of 'Carousel themed thank you'. Her husband had proposed on a Carousel and so she had surprised him with a carousel at their wedding [part 2] for them and their guests to enjoy, so the theme was really important and a true reflection of their day.

Lara and Andy shared their favourite photos as well as a long list of thank yous to all the people and suppliers that made their day happen. The day they actually married was a small affair because of Covid, so they also wanted to honour the day they signed the register by sharing their photos of 'part 1' because not many people were there.

5. Modern monochrome and Manchester themed Elopement Wedding Stationery

@jennyappletonphotoandfilm is not only one of my favourite photographers, she's also a client of mine. So whe she said she was organising this low key Elopement styled shoot, I knew I wanted to be involved.

The theme was modern monochrome with a splash of pink and orange colours. The venue was Hope Mill in Manchester, so I ran with the theme using iconic lyrics from John Cooper Clarke, Oasis Wonderwall meaning and the favourite drink of the north, a brew!

6. Vintage themed Wedding Invite Newspaper

Being a journalist, the Bride of this design wanted something that looked like a newspaper as it was representative of her. It included funny stories about the wedding party, a crossword and all the important information that guests needed to know.

We included sepia filtered photos, classic fonts and old school styling to give a really authentic feel and I'm told that guests loved receiving it in the post "The best wedding invitation I have ever received"!

7. Pastel Pink + Summer Florals Wedding order of service newspaper

this design started it's life as another design which the Bride loved, but wanted to change the colours on. So we swopped pale blue and reds for pastel pinks and gold and used a different font. We also used the planned wedding flowers to make the design match the day!

As well as acknowledging family members they missed, the couple included lyrics from their first dance song to make it truly personalised.

8. Modern retro Lilac and pink wedding Order of Service Newspaper

This design was created for a styled shoot in Croydon organised by Jessica @the_italiandream with a focus on modern romance with lots of pink and purple shades.

I love the modern retro fonts that seem to be a huge trend at the moment and wanted to create something dreamy, colourful and fun to perfectly encapsulate the mood board.

The photos from the shoot are amazing...but still under wraps. Look out for them in a future blog post, I can't wait to share them!

9. Blue summer wedding thank you newspaper

When it came to designing this newspaper, the bride said "Do what you want, I love your work and trust you". No pressure then!!!

I'd had this idea of creating framed galleries of photos like you'd see on a wall for a while and when I received the photos, I knew this was the perfect fit. I pulled out elements from the photos to include like flowers and phrases as well as wording sent by the couple to thank their guests for their amazing day.

10. Postponed wildflower Wedding order of Service Newspaper

Ellie and Tim had planned their wedding at River cottage 3 times and Ellie wanted to surprise Tim and guests with newspapers that aded some light relief and poked fun at the situation.

The theme was very much wildflowers as that was a huge part of their day and venue and we personalised it with readings, table name details, a crossword, eye spy, local tourist info, favour information, song lyrics and loads of photos.

11. Aqua and pastel watercolour Order of Service Newspaper

I often see inspiration for a design when I'm out and about and online, When I saw this watercolour design, I knew I wanted to create a newspaper with it.

I absolutely love the colours and tied it with a modern cursive font to make a simple design that lets the background do the talking.

12. Giraffe Shed x Rock N Roll themed Wedding Styled Shoot Newspaper

I used the photos from a shoot a few years ago at the @thegiraffeshed taken by @jademaguirephotography because it deserved more!

It was a laid back rock n roll themed shoot with neons, leather jackets and a flash of colour to match the decor at the venue. It's one of my favourite shoots so I gave it a new lease of life.

13. Lavender themed Wedding Order of Service Newspaper

I created this newspaper for my husbands cousin as her daughter was getting married and she wanted to surprise her on her wedding day. It was something her mum [my aunty in law] wanted to do and she sadly passed away last year, so we carried out her wishes.

As you can imagine there was a lot of personal sentiment when creating this and I was just so glad I could help create happy memories on her behalf.

14. Bright colourful smoke bomb and festival themed Wedding Order of Service Newspaper

This newspaper design was created for a shoot which was going to have lots of smoke bombs, so I ran with the idea and used smoke bombs as a backdrop with festival themed details for the plan of the day and DJ sets.

I love how colourful it is and how it gives instant festival feels.

15. Industrial warehouse, neon and Brewery themed Wedding Order of Service Newspaper

Clarissa from @graceinspringweddings asked for people to be involved in this styled shoot which was in a brewery in Oldham and featured neons, sparkles and lots of sass!

The photos are sooooooo epic and have already been featured on rock my wedding, but I'm going to be sharing my faves v this space!

16. Monochrome Wedding Order of Service Newspaper

Sometimes less is more! The couple wanted a simple monochrome newspaper design to share with their guests in the church. So it included details from the service, readings, information about themselves, the wedding party and a crossword.

17. Sunflowers and blue themed Wedding Order of Service Newspaper

The reason this design made the list was due to the personalisation. They included lots of photos, information about their day including a layout of the venue, fun facts about themselves, a crossword and a shout out to their dog who couldn't be there. Making newspapers full of personalised bits brings me so much joy!

They also had a travel section as they both work in transport so it was passed to their guests to decide trains are airplanes?

18. Boho, confetti and festival themed Wedding Order of Service Newspaper

And lastly...Another one from a shoot which deserved to be given the photo thank you treatment. The photos were by super babe @leeshawilliamsphoto and featured tipis, Alpacas and massive colourful boho festival vibes. I'll let the photos do the talking!

There were a load of newspapers that didn't make the list, but I'll be sharing them on Instagram, so make sure you're following me @photopressuk


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