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If you're anything like feel like you blinked in January and it's now December and you're thinking...what the...where did the year go!?!?

So true to form...I am thinking what were the highlights of the year...and which were my favourite Newspapers...?

It's like choosing your favourite children, you're not meant to have favourites but you do.

So given that Newspapers don't have feelings and I don't have a favourite child (mostly because I don't have any)...I'm going to crack on with my top 10...and to avoid favouritism any further, they're not in any particular order!

1. Manchester Warehouse Wedding Thank You Newspaper

Manchester Warehouse Wedding Newspaper

2. London themed Wedding Invite Newspaper

London Wedding Stationery Newspaper

3. Botanicals themed Wedding Invite Newspaper

Botanicals Wedding Invite Newspaper

4. Vintage Flower Wedding Order of Service Newspaper

Vintage Flowers Wedding Stationery Newspaper

5. Giraffe Shed Wedding Order of Service Newspaper

Festival Wedding Stationery Newspaper

6. Music Festival themed Wedding Order of Service Newspaper

Music Festival On the Day Wedding Stationery

7. Welsh Wedding Thank You Newspaper

Wales Wedding Thank You Stationery Newspaper

8. Newspaper themed Wedding Invite Newspaper

Wedding Newspaper Invitation

9. Sarah Brookes Photography Wedding Marketing Newspaper

Sarah Brookes Wedding Photography Marketing Newspaper

10. Spring themed Wedding Order of Service Newspaper

Spring Wedding Wedding Stationery Newspaper

OK...I think we all knew I wouldn't be able to pick just 10 favourites...are you insane?

11. Modern themed Save the Date Wedding Newspaper

Monochrome Wedding Save the Date Newspaper Stationery

12. Tattoo Rockabilly themed Wedding Invite Newspaper

Rockabillly Tattoo themed Wedding Invite Stationery Newspaper

13. Library themed Order of Service Newspaper

Library themed Wedding Stationery Newspaper

I'm so excited to see what is on this list next year...2019 is going to be bloody amazing!!!


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