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Having a wedding website is a great way to tell your guests all the information they need to know about your wedding. Whether you're sending a save the date and/or invitation or not, a wedding website can be your place to collect rsvps digitally and share all the details/FAQs without everyone asking the same questions over and over. To help you, I've created this ultimate guide to wedding websites full of tips, ideas and inspiration to make it as easy and stress free as possible.

Wedding newspaper with Tequila cocktail recipe and Love Me When I'm Old poem

Image by West View Photography

why have a wedding Website?

What are the pros and benefits of having a wedding website?

If you're wondering why you should have a wedding website, there are many reasons, these are some of the best:

-They are easy to build yourself using templates for free or low cost, or you can get someone to help you.

-You can choose from 100s of templates to find something that suits you and your day/plans perfectly.

-You don't need lots to get started, you can build a basic site or simple landing page and add more information as you go.

-It's easy to share via a QR code or link which you can use in emails, WhatsApp groups, on social media or include in/on wedding stationery.

-You can share lots information for your guests, meaning that they won't all be asking you the same questions on a weekly basis.

-Collecting RSVPs and other information such as menu choices is simple and you have it all in one place which means it's easy to manage.

-It's an eco friendly option instead of sending all the info in the post on lots of cards/paper.

-It's easily translatable for guests who speak different languages and accessible for impaired guests.

Bride on a London bus reading a wedding order of service newspaper

Image by Nic Ford

Creating and sharing your wedding website

When to create your wedding website

If you're going to have a wedding website, I'd recommend creating it as soon as you have your date and venue. You don't need to have a lot of information to begin with, you can start with a simple landing page and can build it over time.

How to share your wedding website

You can share your website as a link or QR code which you can include on your Save the date and/or Invites, or share in emails, Whattsapp groups. Basically however you are communication with your guests, you can share in this space.

90s grunge themed wedding newspaper with smiley face light and disco props

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how to create a wedding website

Creating a wedding website is not as hard as people think, use these tips and ideas to create yours.

how to get started, tips and things to consider when creating your wedding website

There are a few things to consider before diving in. Once you know these details, you can create the perfect wedding website for you.

-Do you want to create a free or paid for wedding website?

There are lots of free or inexpensive options as well as done for you services. My best advice is to have a look through service providers and do some research on what designs, templates and examples stand out and work for you. Also consider what budget [if any] you can allocate.

-Do you want a personalised domain?

You can get domains very cheaply which you can plug into your website. It's best to decide on the provider/service first as they may have a deal or a recommended option. You can usually personalise a free site too, so it's up to you whether you want to pay for a completely bespoke domain or not.

-Do you want your wedding website to be password protected?

Your website is likely to contain personal information about you, your day and maybe some of your guests so you may want to have a password on your landing page to allow people to enter.

-Do you want everyone to have access to all details?

If you are having different events going on for day/evening/weekend guests, be careful not to share it with everyone. You may want to add passwords and levels of access for different guests to stop people getting confused or thinking they are invited to all parts when they aren't

-Make sure your website is easy to use and view

Most providers and services have this covered, but it's always worth testing that your website is mobile/tablet/desktop friendly and looking to see how it looks on different devices.

-Don't overcomplicate it with details

Honestly, people have low attention spans and get confused easily, so my best advice is to keep it simple, clear and easy to understand for everyone. That way you'll get less questions and your website will do all the hard work for you.

-Give it the same feel as your day/plans

Make sure the theme or design you choose matches your plans/day in terms of style, colours, fonts etc. This way, it will be cohesive with everything and won't cause a disconnect with you guests.

Wedding newspaper with lots of colourful confetti

Image by All You Need Is Love Photography

What are the best wedding website builders and platforms to use?

There are many wedding website builders and services offering free, fully customisable or paid for services. I recommend just having a look through some of them and seeing which one stands out to you and is within your budget

Rock n Roll and Metal themed wedding stationery newspaper with dark coloured flowers

Image by Thorn and Found Photography

What content and wording to include on a wedding website [consider this your mix and match wedding website checklist]

Essentials/Must haves [perhaps in a header]:


-Date and ceremony time


-How to RSVP and when the deadline is

-Contact details

Other optional ideas:

RSVP + Food:

-Menu options

-RSVP form including if they are able to attend, any additional info required eg number of guests dietary requirements and meal choices

Schedules + Timelines:


-On the day timeline

-Pre-post wedding schedule/itenarary (for weekend, destination or elopement weddings)


-Important details

-Link to venue website

-Accessibility details


-Where to stay

-Stuff to do and local recommendations

Transport + Travel:


-Taxi numbers

-Parking information

People + Pets:

-Wedding party/VIP details



Love story:

-About us

-How you met

-Proposal story

-Engagement photos

-Photos through the year/Photo timeline

FAQs or Q+As:

- Plus ones


-Dress code

-Photo + social media requests

-Gift registry/money or honeymoon requests


-Personalised hashtags for social media

-Song requests

-Spotify wedding playlist

-Create a storage space for guests to upload photos and videos to

Post wedding:

-Link to professional wedding photos and videos


I hope this has been helpful, if you're looking for other wedding planning tips, sign up to my mailing list here. It's full of ideas, inspo and tips to help you create the day you want!


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