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So this week I started my new job. This is not the first time that I have been the new girl, but this time it was completely different...I was the boss...I was alone in the office...I didn't leave the house!

I have left the world of working for 'the man' and entered the world of self employment in the wedding industry. I've been working on this venture for a while now, but after assessing my life and realising that I was unhappy and no longer excited I decided to throw everything into it and make it work...I want the dream and I know I can achieve it!

I have always been creative and after my own wedding I realised that I had many talents and loved the wedding industry and changed my thought process completely and I couldn't ignore it. After 15 years building a career in IT as a Software Developer and Project Manager, I realised I was miserable and unfulfilled, I wanted to use my energies for something I love and feel passionate about.

There's still much to do and I'm learning every single day. The things I have learnt so far:

-Don't to be afraid to make connections with others in the industry, throw yourself out there as much as possible and take every single opportunity. I feel part of several amazing groups on Facebook and they are filled with lovely, helpful and inspiring people.

-Go with your gut feeling, for me it's usually right and since you are the one in control of getting yourself to where you want to be, you must follow what you feel is right.

-Learn from mistakes, it's OK as long as you take responsibility and action and move yourself forward as a person and business.

-Take things a step at a time, be patient and don't compare yourself to others, we're all on different journeys, enjoy your own ride.

-The to do list is never ending and that's OK, set yourself blocks of time in the calendar for specific tasks and stick to it. Doing this will establish boundaries between your work and personal life which is very important.

I can't wait to see where this takes me and the opportunities it will bring, I finally feel real excitement about working...this is not your average 9 to 5!

Live the life you love,



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