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Hey...happy new year...decade even! I've been quiet over the past few weeks, eating my body weight in ALL the food and it hasn't stopped yet [I don't believe in NY resolutions], but mostly because I'm going on holiday on 12th January...I'll try reign myself in [a bit] after that!

How have you been? I hope you had the best Christmas and New Year and if you're getting married in 2020...shit just got real! It's not that long ago that I was in the same position, as soon as Big Ben chimed in 2016 I was all about getting wedding planning tasks completed and ticking things off my list.

I've started the new year thinking a lot about this little business of mine, where I want to go with it, how I want to grow it and all the lovely people I'm going to meet and work's really exciting...but of course I can't do that without reflecting on 2019 and all the things I achieved...and I'm feeling really proud and pumped up that 2020 is going to be even bigger!

Photo Press Wedding Newspapers as seen in Rock 'N' Roll Bride Magazine

2019 achievements:

+Created over 50 newspapers for couples and businesses

+Exhibited at several fairs including Un-Wedding London + Birmingham, Paintworks + Arnos Vale open days and Fake Wedding [all Bristol]

+Took part in a ton of styled shoots [themes included 80's, Gothic, Corpse Bride, 50's, Wes Anderson, Alice in Wonderland, Frankenstein, Celestial + Hollywood Glamour [phew!!!]]

+Was featured in several blogs including Whimsical Wonderland Wedding [twice], Un-Wedding [3 times], Magpie, Festival Weddings, Brides Up North and Your Bristol + Somerset [magazine]

+I spent a lot of time re-branding, getting branded images and creating my website again [from scratch] this took months and was a lot of work...probably my biggest achievement for managing to get it done!

+Managed to get to page 1 on Google for 'Alternative Wedding Stationery'

+Got to 140k+ unique viewers on Pinterest

+And finally...set up a number of partnerships with awesome suppliers like Union Weddings, Carmela Events and Hen Queens

Sarah from Photo Press working on her bespoke wedding stationery
Photo courtesy of Chloe Mary Photo

When I see it all written down...I feel so happy and excited to be starting a new achievement list...and what will come...

Plans [so far] for 2020:

+Taking part in Bristol Paintworks open day (Jan)

+Organising a kick ass wedding styled shoot in Shoreditch (Feb)

+Heading to Manchester for the 1st ever Most Curious fair there as well as popping to Most Curious London to catch up with all the suppliers (Feb)

That's not a lot, but I have ideas and thoughts coming out of my pores so that's just a starting point [we are only 2 days in]!

Basically, I'm ready to take 2020 by the balls and smash all of my goals and plans...I just have to get them down on paper first!


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