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Top Tips for Tabloid Wedding Day Newspapers: Content ideas and inspiration plus design examples

I've created lots of tabloid newspaper designs for wedding newspaper invitations and wedding day newspapers. All of them full of personalised details completely unique and bespoke to each couple. I've learnt lots along the way about how to design the perfect wedding newspaper and ideas for what to include in it. So I've compiled my top tips for things to consider when designing, some ideas for content and past designs to inspire you.

A couple holding a personalised tabloid Wedding Newspaper. Photo by Honey and Heather Photography.
Photo by Honey and Heather photography

Tips for designing Tabloid Wedding Newspapers

Often my couples tell me that they want their wedding newspaper to look like an actual newspaper. Whilst that helps us get in the right ballpark, there are still so many things to consider about the design and content to make it perfect for your style and plans, and more importantly your personalities. If you went to a newsagents and looked at all the newspapers, they are all identifiable as newspapers, but they all have different styles and looks. This gives us the scope to make a newspaper totally 'you'!


The first thing you need to think about is the style you'd like. We'll talk more about fonts and colours below, this is more about figuring out what the overarching theme or vibe is. This may be modern, retro, vintage etc. If you've already got some wedding stationery, this may help guide you. You don't need to over think it, but think about what fits the mood of your day in line with anything that you love.

Newspaper Name Ideas

you can call your newspaper whatever you like, the more personal the better. I usually recommend something that involves your name[s]/surname[s], venue name or location.

for personalised wedding newspaper names, Use this handy format to create your own by picking one thing for each number:

  1. Do you want 'The' or not? - using it is optional and it depends on your preference, but also consider the overall length of the name. You may need to add or remove the 'The' depending on the space or how the full name fits the page.

  2. Chose something that is personal based on a name, wedding venue or location [or something else suitable] - name examples could be smith or Adams etc. Wedding venue examples could be Bell or High house. Location examples could be Glasgow or Devon.

  3. Chose a newspaper name to follow - There are lots of options including times, post, gazette, herald, star, mail, review and daily.


  • The Adams Review

  • Glasgow Mail

  • The Bell Post

  • Devon Daily

  • The Smith Times

If you want a more generic name, here are a few ideas:

  • Wedding star

  • The Wedding Post

  • The Newlywed Mail

  • Just Married Gazette

  • Romantic Times

A 1960s retro/vintage themed tabloid wedding newspaper on a table. Photo taken by Chris Giles.
Photo by Chris Giles photography


Once you've figured your style preference [above], you should have a good idea what kind of fonts you want to use. Newspapers traditionally have bold and easy to read fonts. Generally I keep it simple, but you can still chose fonts that are modern, vintage etc.

The newspaper name font you use might only be used for the name/header at the top of the front page, so choose one that works well within your chosen style as this is likely to be the first thing your friends and family read. It needs to set the tone of the rest of the newspaper.

In terms of how many fonts you need, I recommend you either use 2 or 3 fonts throughout or you might choose several fonts if you want to have different options for 'features' or 'articles'. But make sure they are easy to read and work well together.

If you want some font inspo, check out my previous designs gallery below or have a look at and


Some newspapers are in black and white and some are in colour, it's up to you what you want. If you are including photos, do you want those in colour or black and white? If you are going for a vintage theme you may want to consider a sepia or retro tone of black and white. You may want only the newspaper name and/or photos in colour. You can basically mix and match here depending on your preference.

If you need to create a colour palette, use to help you.


When thinking about photos to include [if applicable], think about the stories you want to tell. Newspaper articles are accompanied by photos that illustrate the point, so the two go hand in hand. Some great options of photos to talk about for the front page are from your engagement/proposal and wedding venue.

Whilst newspaper printing is forgiving with the quality of photos, I always recommend using the best quality and high res where possible or making low res photos small so that they don't appear pixelated when printed. a phone/pc screen is up to 4 times pixelated [vs high res] when printed, so don't rely on what your design looks like on a screen. E.G A low res photo may appear ok on screen but print pixelated, so use them with caution.

Additional Elements

You may want to add elements or clipart to your wedding newspaper design if you have a strong theme. Small flowers, icons etc may tie the newspaper to what else you have planned and it's a subtle way to add your colour palette too. Check out or for almost every 'theme' you could think of.

If you're looking for more design and content inspiration for your wedding newspapers, this blog post will help you.

A flat lay of a modern style tabloid wedding newspaper. Photo by Naomi Barker Photography.
Photo by Naomi Barker photography

Tabloid Newspaper ideas for your Wedding Newspapers

There are lots of things that can found in tabloid newspapers that can add an element of fun and personality to your Wedding Newspapers, I've listed my favourites below:

  • crossword - Make the questions about yourselves and Wedding VIPs. This also acts as a great conversation starter and ice breaker for guests who don't know each other to ask if they know the answers, not everyone will know all the answers.

  • You can poke fun at your quirks and personalities by adding funny classifieds and adverts. E.g. an ad for watches if you're known for always being late.

  • Page 3 - Got a funny photo of yourself/partner or one of your wedding party that you can have a laugh at? Add it as a page 3 pic with a funny caption.

  • Sports page - The back page is a great way to create funny 'sports' stories with photos and captions, or if you have a large wedding party, create a team line up.

  • Agony aunt - Does your partner or a member of the wedding party have an annoying habit or are they known for something that will get a large as an agony aunt questions and answer.

  • Interviews - You can do an interview with a wedding party member, but my favourite is an pretend interview/article with a pet or your child [especially if they are really small and can't talk yet]. It's a great way of including them and them being an important part of your day.

If you're looking for general ideas of what to include in your wedding newspapers, I've got a full guide here.

Previous Tabloid Newspaper Designs

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