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Are you a 70's chick at heart? Do you feel like you should be back at a 80's roller disco? are retro vibes on your alternative wedding styling list? If you've answered yes to any of those then this colourful styled shoot at White Syke Fields in York, dreamt up by Katie from Alt Wedding Co is for you.

My Pretties turned the blank canvas space into a funky, bright and modern alternative to your average wedding, styled to perfection, full of glitter balls, music quotes and bright colours. The whole thing was brought to life by the Roller Girl Gang who brought the attitude, wore sparkles, sequins, jumpsuits and hot pink suits, as well as their essential roller skates. Hair and make up was also a throw back to the 1980's...basically the whole thing was rock 'n' roll meets cool disco!

How to create a cool retro disco wedding

Blank canvas spaces are the best kind of wedding spaces, because you can literally make your dreams come true by filling it with whatever you love...let your creativity fly high huns! Whether you're looking to go full roller disco with skates, or just for the vibes, I've got you covered.

The first things that come to mind when thinking about retro disco's is glitter balls, sequins and over the top colour! In this case we went for bright pinks, oranges, reds and blues. Over exaggerate everything when it comes to colour...go big or go home!

If you're going for full on disco, then for the disco queens sequin and velvet jumpsuits, hot pants and rainbow power suits are a great option, nobody wants to end up a over t in the middle of the dance floor because your dress got caught in the wheels. Accessorise with bold and colourful statement jewellery. For the funky gods of dance, bright coloured shirts and tight fitting trousers with some added sequins look amazing...think John Travolta in Saturday night Fever!

Do you remember hair and make up in the 70's and 80's? It was big and bold! Go with wild untamed hair, and bold eye shadows and lip sticks, now is not the time to be shy!

When it comes to suppliers, more is definitely more!

You can go all out with colour when it comes to flowers. By opting for dried flowers, they can be dyed to fit your colour theme and add so much colour to your outfits and decoration.

similar with styling, use colour to bring everything to life, Use disco balls and lighting to shine light and colour all around the space. Use bright colours, retro fonts and styling for stationery and a hanging table plan is a great way to add dimension to your space. for a rock 'n' roll twist, add some song lyrics to signs or some hand painted vases.

Basically, just cover anything bright coloured in glitter and sequins and you'll be there...just don't forget to invite me!!!

retro disco wedding ideas + Inspiration

  • a colourful palettes, like orange, pink, red and blue

  • Bright coloured power suits

  • sequin and velvet dresses, hot pants + jumpsuits

  • bold print shirts + tight sequin trousers

  • big natural hair and bold colourful make up

  • bold and colourful statement jewellery

  • roller disco

  • glitter bar

  • retro photo booth

  • retro disco food like burgers, hot dogs, fries and mac 'N' cheese

  • candy floss

  • popcorn

  • ice cream, slush puppy and shakes

  • disco balls

  • funky disco with a 70's/80's playlist

  • retro + groovy fonts for invites, stationery, table plan + signage

  • dried + died flowers

  • song lyric vases + signs

  • styling using candles, flowers and colourful table runners

  • A funky wedding cake featuring fun elements representing the vibe

Supplier hot list:

Concept, Photo & Video: @altweddingco

Styling: @myprettiesuk

Florist: @the_petal_studio

Models & Skates: @roller_girl_gang

Dress: @byrosesavage

Suit: @ASOS

Stationary: @peachwolfe

Newspaper: @photopressuk

Scrunchies: @beautieuk_

Earrings: @by.coya

Wedding Rings: @cathysutherlandjewellery


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