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Somehow I have become the queen of procrastination and I'm not really sure how this has happened.

Working for myself from home seemed to start so painlessly and effortless...then I went on holiday, had a property to sell and my house was a mess...this has somehow created a creative block in my mind...I am fighting it, it will pass, but there are things I have noticed about myself and the trains of thought I find myself on.

>There's nobody to chat about the weather with in the kitchen!

>You can't pop out for a spot of retail therapy at lunch time as easily!

>Housework seems to suddenly be really important!

>Time is the enemy!

>There seems to be a million and one things to do except the thing that is at the top of my list!

>Nobody brings in birthday treats!

I seem to have lost my way a little and instead of feeling the joy I did when I gave up my full time job, I feel like I'm going round in circles...I know it's a matter of time before I get my groove again...why do I know this? Because the main thing I have learnt is how much I don't want to work in an office full of people and constraints again!

>I am sat next to the window, I can see whatever weather Britain is throwing at us in all it's glory!

>I can take the day off if I feel like it and go shopping...have a proper trip rather than a rushed dash into Cabot Circus!

>Housework will always exist, it's a fact of life (especially when you have two fluffy cats)!

>Time is there for the taking, I just need to manage it better...I'm in control now!

>The list will always have difficult things on there...I am trying to focus on the important things and will get there...I'm on a steep learning curve here!

>Nobody ever brought anything vegan anyway...I have all the treats I need at home...

...but it is my birthday next month so if anyone feels like sending me vegan treats...I'm not going to stop you!


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