For most couples wedding planning, stationery seems to be the thing that un-sticks even the most savvy of peeps! Fear not, think of me as your fairy god sister...and I'm here to help you with a bag full of inspiration.

Whilst there may be many opinions on what you should include in stationery...here's the thing...there really is no right or wrong answer.

Wes Anderson themed alternative Wedding Timeline and Menu Order of Service Menu

See the thing is, there are traditions of how to word things, what you should include, but I say screw that...to hell with all those ridiculous traditions. My rule is, if it feels right to you...then that's what you need to include.

That's why my Newspapers are perfect for you to completely put your own ideas and stamp onto things and include whatever is important to you...and no-one else. Whether you want my Newspapers, have another supplier in mind (how very dare you ha ha) or fancy a bit of a go yourself....please promise me that whatever you send to your guests will represent you, your day and personalities 100%!

Wedding Newspaper Invitation

Here is an almost infinite list of things you could include but anything else is A-OK too...this should get you started...now stop worrying and make a short list! Oh and if you need my help...you know where to find me!

​Save the Dates/Invites:

+Ceremony information (date and time) +Location/Venue (including relevant websites) +Directions/map +Parking information +Accommodation information +Contact details (phone numbers, email addresses or websites) +Dress code +RSVPS (who/how to RSVP and by when) +Food detail (who to contact for special dietary requirements etc.) +Gift list details/wording/requests +Proposal story +Engagement shoot images +Story of how you met

+Timeline of significant landmarks with images +What you are looking forward to ​

Space themed Wedding Save the Date and Invite Stationery

Order of Service/Plan of the day/Favours: ​ +Timeline of the days events +Information about yourselves/parents/Groomsmen/Bridesmaids/Bridal Party/VIPs +Top 10 lessor know facts about yourselves

+History of or story of why you chose your venue +Menu +In memory of +Quiz/Sudoku/Crossword +Social media tags/hashtags +Readings/Hymns/Poems +Famous quotes +Stag and hen pictures +Honeymoon details +Children's pages +Pets ​

Celestial themed Wedding timeline and menu Newspaper

Memento/Thank You:

+Favourite images from your day +Photo booth images +Quotes from the ceremony and/or speeches +Your personal vows/readings +Messages to friends and family +Special mentions/thank yous +Honeymoon images and/or details +Web link details (with password) of online photos or videos

Wedding Thank You Photo Newspaper

I hope this helps with your wedding planning and stationery, it's basically up to you what to include and what fits. If you need any help or have any questions, drop me an email.


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