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If you're sat there thinking...this isn't the 2020 I ordered, a lockdown wasn't on my visionboard or on my wedding planning checklist, then I'm here to try relieve some stress for you.

I've pulled together a few ideas and tips to get you through the next few months and deal with delays to your Wedding or Civil Partnership ceremony and/or celebrations.

So...take a deep breath and let's dive in!

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Keep in contact:

Who had even heard of Zoom until recently! If it was a person it'd be your new BFF right now and on your guest list for sure.

Keeping in contact with your family and friends and discussing plans is key to keeping you sane and helping you remember that when all this is over, you'll be able to plan your dream day. It's not cancelled, it's just on pause!

You could organise some brainstorming, planning or DIY making sessions with your bridesmaids or even a lockdown hen do with some cheeky proseccos. There are lots of online wedding fairs too that you could jump on if you still have suppliers to book, find one that suits your vibe. Whatever you do, make it fun!

It's a really good idea to keep in contact with suppliers too so they know your plans. Chances are they're trying to keep a ton of plates in the air right now juggling any couples they have booked in, so keeping them in the loop will really help to keep things as stress free as possible for you and for them.

If you have had to postpone things, revising your plan with your partner is really key. As always, communication between the two of you is vital. Work together to resolve any issues and keep the momentum and excitement going.

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Inspiration sessions:

If you haven't had to re-arrange all your plans, then you can use all the extra time you have on your hands to nail any remaining planning.

Scour Pinterest, Instagram, Rock N Roll Bride magazine and online directories/blogs for inspiration and suppliers and get everything booked in because when lockdown is lifted there is going to be a shortage of the best suppliers because of all the normal and re-scheduled bookings, so make sure you don't leave it too late!

How to share your wedding photos during lockdown

Look after yourself:

This is obvious right...but not always easy...especially in these crazy times. It's important you keep your mind, body and soul well. There's a lot going on and the anxiety is real, but it's OK not to be OK and doing all of the things. So managing how you feel is key to getting you through to the other side.

Try relaxing and doing things you enjoy, so eat good food, read a book, take a bath, watch your fave film or dance to some music. Yoga and meditation are also really helpful if you're trying to manage anxiety.

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Remember what's important:

You health, your family + friends...your partner! This will all pass and become isn't cancelled! So celebrate that love!

If you've postponed, do something special and fun on what would've been your day. Have breakfast in bed, get dressed up and have your own photo shoot with a camera on timer, have afternoon tea, have a candlelit dinner and dance to your first dance song. Better still, have a Zoom session with your friends and family and get them to get dressed up too and toast your day. Turn it into a positive and a day to remember as wedding v 1.0.

If you're still planning, you can still do all those things, romance isn't dead!?! Maybe you could do some lockdown date nights with a takeaway and movie night, plan your honeymoon or online dance classes.


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