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Over the years I've honed and switched up my process to give people the best experience possible, but you probably have a bunch of questions about what happens once you're booked in. I've answered the most common and frequently asked questions to help you!

Oasis Wonderwall wedding stationery idea

what should I include?

There are so many ideas, it's literally an endless list, but To help you, check out what information should you include in your wedding stationery/invites.

How do you create the design?

Whether you have a clear idea of what design you'd like or not, it doesn't matter, I will help you! it really helps me to understand the bigger picture so if you have specific ideas, themes, photos and/or a Pinterest board, send them to me. If you like something from my previous designs, we can of course use it and tweak it to your requirements. If you're booking a wedding newspaper, you may want to consider matching some elements to any stationery you've previously sent out, if so, just send me photos/.pdfs.

I'll review everything you send me and come up with some ideas and questions so that together we create the perfect reflection of you and your personalities/personality in a newspaper. Once I've done this, I'll organise a video call to chat through everything and ask any questions I have.

Rainbow watercolour wedding timeline and menu inspiration

What should I send to you?

This depends on the content you require, but usually this is images and any other bits you have. I also ask that you set out an unformatted document [so that I can copy and paste] with details of what you'd like on each page. This isn't set in stone, but it helps me understand the layout and how much content you have.

How do I send stuff to you?

Once you're booked in and I'm ready to start your design, I'll send you a Dropbox folder to drop everything into. This generally suits people, but I'm flexible as long as I can easily access a folder I can copy/download.

what fonts can I use?

I usually match or use similar fonts to ideas you send me. If you have a specific font let me know the name or if you have the font file, send it to me. If you don't know what fonts you'd like, you can choose your own from or I will choose ones that suit your design requirements.

Engagement photo ideas

What colours can I use?

If you have a specific colour palette you'd like me to use, please provide the colours in CMYK format as this is what the newspapers are printed in. If you have hex, then I will use this to get as close a match as possible as it doesn't always directly match. If you want to create your own colour palette to use, I recommend [you can send me the .PDF of your colours easily too].

What format should stuff be in?

Photos/images should be in the highest resolution possible and in .jpg/.png format if possible.

I want a crossword, what do you need?

I have an app for creating crosswords, please just give me a list of 15-20 questions and answers,

Wedding Crossword inspiration

That should answer most of your questions, but if you have any more, just drop me an email.

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